Motorola Milestone 2 vs Nokia E7

Motorola Milestone 2 vs Nokia E7. If you’re in the market for a smartphone with a hardware keyboard you’ll have found options pretty thin on the ground of late. With limited options you could choose to either settle for a business thoroughbred and sacrifice a lot of your consumer demands, or forego the QWERTY and opt for a touchscreen only device which, no matter how good, won’t compare to the feedback and tangible comfort of typing on a real keyboard.

Motorola Milestone 2 vs Nokia E7

Thankfully, in the last few months, developers have begun listening to consumers and we’re now seeing the fruits of their labour. Among the best devices on the market at the moment the two which stand-out are Nokia’s E7 and Motorola’s Milestone 2, and to make your life easier when it comes to choosing one over the other, we thought we’d let them duke it out and prove their worth.

Motorola’s Milestone 2 builds on the huge success of the original Milestone. It comes packed with top-end components including a 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and a dedicated graphics accelerator as well as 8GB of on-board storage space. The Nokia E7 weighs in with equally impressive specs, though it does only offer a 680MHz processor with dedicated GPU. To balance things out somewhat you do get 16GB of storage space but the Nokia falls short again in terms of RAM, with a comparatively paltry 256MB, meaning that the Motorola has this round sewn up.

Winner – Motorola Milestone 2

Build Quality
The Milestone 2 is solid, well balanced and feels every inch the premium smartphone. Similarly the Nokia E7 is made of top-quality materials and feels great in the hand, with no creaking or suspect flimsy parts. If we were to pick a winner though it would have to be the Nokia, as its smooth sliding mechanism and amazingly responsive keyboard pip the Motorola’s effort, which is good but just not good enough.

Winner – Nokia E7

The Motorola Milestone 2 packs a nice 5 mega-pixel shooter with dual-LED flash, which is capable of 720P video, capture. Thanks to Android you’re treated to a fairly user-friendly interface and you’ll find the results at worst satisfactory and at best impressive. The Nokia wades in with the usual optical big-guns though, boasting an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and face detection, which is also capable for 720p video capture. The higher pixel count doesn’t always indicate a better performer but in this case the statistics don’t lie and the Nokia walks this particular contest with relative ease.

Winner – Nokia E7

Operating System
With the Milestone 2 you’re treated to version 2.2 of Google’s Android operating system (also known as Froyo), and it doesn’t disappoint on any level. It’s easy to use, powerful, offers unparalleled access to Google services such as Gmail, Calendar and Documents and of course you have the added benefit of the 100,000-odd apps that you’ll find at your disposal in the Android Market.

In comparison the Nokia looks like something of a dinosaur, with its Symbian^3 OS, which in spite of Nokia’s best efforts still looks and feels like it did when it was first launched, many moons ago. The organisational side of things is still bomb-proof though, with a great calendar, e-mail interface (of course both offer Microsoft Exchange support), and you’ll have access to apps via Nokia’s own OVI Store, which includes some great apps to keep you productive and in touch. The OVI stores immaturity is something of a hindrance though and it pales in comparison to Google’s effort.

Winner – Motorola Milestone 2

Battery Life
When it comes to the art of enterprise standard messaging longevity is key and the Motorola Milestone 2 will keep you going for the whole day without the need for a re-charge, thanks to its 1400mAh battery and the advanced power management witchcraft that the Google boffins have included in the Android OS. The Nokia E7‘s no slouch though and should keep you in touch without too many setbacks, it is a mystery why the Finns only opted to include a 1200mAh battery though, considering the 4-inch touchscreen that the device comes with. So if battery life is a deal-breaker you’ll want to opt for the Motorola.

Winner – Motorola Milestone 2

It was a hard-fought contest and at the sound of the bell the Motorola Milestone 2 stands victorious with its solid hardware and amazingly responsive and versatile operating system it just feels that much more current than the Nokia. That said, the E7 is one of the finest business-oriented handsets around at the moment, and if you’re the sort of person that needs to punch out long documents on the go you’ll definitely want to give the Nokia a look, but if you’re after a more balanced device, which will suit your leisure time as well as your business demands you’d be hard pushed to find a better all-rounder than the Motorola Milestone 2.


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