Hair Type and Hair Treatment

Hair Type and Hair Treatment. Actually not too hard to differencing our hair type, because beauty expert of Ester House Surabaya, dr. Santi Sadikin said that to knowing hair type. We can look just from skin face type.

If your skin face is oiled, so your hair is oiled. And if your skin face is dry, so your hair is also dry. There are three kinds of hair, they are:

 Dry Hair
 Oiled Hair
 Normal Hair

Many women not too satisfied with her hair. The reason is they hard to control the structure of the hair. It can happen because wrong treatment and care.

 Normal Type
On content on hair is normal, and inclined balance, so when we feel it our hair, we feel the hair is not too dry and not too humid or balance.
In order to serve hair is always health, take care your hair routine with doing shampoo once in a two days. So your hair is always clean and healthy. Try to creambath once a month. Hair expert from Surabaya Johni Gozalli said that creambath is also important thing for our hair fertility. Mainly if your hair is long, because long hair need harder treatment. When we don’t take care of our hair, it will branch, brittle and red.

 Dry Type
We only need a simple way to knowing dry hair. If you feel your hair, the hair feel so dry, it happens because low level of oil on our head skin.
Dry hair type is also feel coarse if we doing wrong treatment. Even people who have this hair type usually feel broken off. Because is easy to change become red and branch on the top of hair.

Especially if we always meet not weather, pollution, dust, and medicines that used in salon.

Dr. Santi Sadikin said that this hair type must be preserve clean with shampoo once in two days. Add hair moisturized that can you use after shampoo, when the hair is still wet. We can also rub it when our hair is dry, with this tips, we hope that your hair is always serve. Exactly to use conditioner, Johny said that “better if we use conditioner that different with shampoo. Because the benefits will better than we use two in one shampoo, because the function of shampoo is just for cleaner of hair”.

If we mix conditioner with shampoo, conditioner will dissolved from hair, so conditioner work not optimal.

It better if we rub conditioner after shampoo, so that conditioner will optimal to serve our hair.

Johny is also said to do creambath routine once a month. With creambath that has certain period like shampoo, rubbing hair vitamin; head skin massage, steam and hair tonic can cure your hair condition.

Head skin massage is really needed to stimulant glands oil on head skin, so oil level will increase.

 Oiled Type
This type is easy to knower, because the hair look lump like when we use hair oil.
Oil level on this type is high. “We have to worry with this condition, because dandruff is really easy to come,” said Dr. Santi. Many people thing that dandruff come on dry hair. Moreover dead head skin color is white, dry and fall when we comb, whereas that is false.

Dandruff is found on oiled hair, because humid level is very high, high level of oil can causing hair dirty. That dirty thing that can causing dandruff, said Dr. Santi.
Oiled hair treatment is same with other hair treatment. But when you do creambath, don’t too long to do head skin massage, because it will add oil level on head skin.
On oil hair, Dr. Santi said to do stress therapy. Stress therapy is creambath with little head skin massage.

Head skin massage is decrease so that oil level not increases. Massage more on neck and shoulder to weaking stiff muscles. Oiled hair patients have to worry to do creambath. If they do wrong treatment, so oil level condition will decrease.


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